The solution to bad odours
Ariapur is the solution to guarantee the elimination of unpleasant odours ensuring clean air inside the bathroom without sacrificing design and comfort. The operation of Ariapur is simple, high-performing, extremely quiet and the unit itself is very compact. Ariapur captures odours directly from the toilet, extracting and disposing them them before they spread to the room. At the same time, it eliminates the steam generated during the use of showers and baths through the ventilation system on the suction plate. As of today this product is also available with a highly efficient led light that illuminates the entire room.

The documentation
The documentation

Ariapur: how it works

The advantages of using the ariapur system

Combined extraction from the WC pan and room for maximum ventilation efficiency inside the bathroom.
Extremely silent respecting the limits set by current regulations.
High extraction capacity available with the Ariapur80 version that guarantees an air renewal of 65-80 m3/h, and in version Ariapur100Led 85-100 m3/h air change.
Design: the plate can be painted with the most common paints available on the market in order to fit in with the surrounding walls, even when decorated.

Hygiene and cleaning: the cover plate prevents the formation of dust, typical of traditional fans. The filter is washable with water and soap.
The Ariapur100Led version has an internal humidistat for automatic activation if the set threshold is exceeded.
The Ariapur100Led version has an internal humidistat for automatic activation if the set threshold is exceeded.
Actuated by switch or motion sensor with integrated scheduled shutdown from 0 to 20 minutes (in the Ariapur100Led version).

Installation and easy maintenance thanks to the rapid connection of motor and electrical connections.
Thanks to the non-return valve, Ariapur can be connected directly to the waste system.
Cover plate release latch allows installation in ceilings and walls.
Installation flexibility thanks to the 3 WC connection possibilities (DN 50) and to the possibility of connecting the outlet (DN 75-80) to the side or rear of the casing that contains the fan.
Ariapur 80
Ariapur80 is the ideal solution created for installation in bathrooms without windows, for the removal of odours directly from the WC. Ariapur80 has proven to be a very functional solution also in bathrooms with windows reducing considerably the energy waste and preventing smog, pollen and insects from entering through an open window. Ariapur80 is also capable of removing the steam caused by showers in a normal household. Operation of Ariapur80 is versatile, namely by using the bathroom light switch, a specific air extraction switch or a motion sensor making it an extremely flexible system. Equipped with a silent and energy efficient motor, Ariapur80 can be set to a flow intake of 65 m3/h or 80 m3/h to provide the best solution for the environment where it will be installed.
Ariapur 100
Ariapur100Led is an innovative air extraction system for the bathroom with an innovative design, featuring a 960 lumen led light capable of illuminating the entire environment. Ariapur100Led is able to monitor the humidity level of the air automatically: the sensor starts extraction in relation to the set humidity level ensuring a complete air renewal. This guarantees the same result is achieved as when the windows are opened but without any loss of waste of heat or energy. Thanks to the built-in timer, Ariapur100Led can run for up to 20 minutes after use, so that the air in the room is completely renewed. Ariapur100Led is also equipped with the ultimate brushless motor capable of guaranteeing low consumption (only 20 W at maximum speed), you can also set the fan to a lower speed (85 m3/h) to better adapt to the environment in which it is installed.

Technical characteristics of the Ariapur models