A universal water supply system.
Mixal® is composed of multilayer pipes and different types of fittings that make it suitable for all plumbing and heating systems. Thanks to its extreme flexibility it is the ideal product for the construction of radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems and due to its excellent performance it is used for the distribution of hot and cold drinking water, in radiator and fan heating systems and in industrial systems including systems for the distribution of compressed air.

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The flexibility of synthetic materials and the resistance of metal
The Mixal® multilayer system was designed to simplify the installation of water supply systems and is widely used for the construction of radiant heating and cooling systems. Like the Pexal® multilayer system, Mixal® unites the advantages of crosslinked polyethylene PE-Xb with those of aluminium, guaranteeing high mechanical performance, flexibility, malleability, non-toxicity, light weight and an excellent barrier to oxygen. The Mixal® system is manufactured in the Aperto production plants in compliance with EN ISO 21003 and is certified by the most strict International approval bodies that recognize and endorse the performance and quality of the product.
The advantages of using a multilayer system


Mixal® multilayer systems are suitable in renovations as well as new buildings such as shopping centres, hospitals, offices, schools, multistorey residential buildings, and industrial plants. Thanks to their excellent qualities they can be used in surface mounting for any type of system:
- supply of high and low temperature water to radiators;
- supply of hot and refrigerated water to fans;
- distribution of hot and cold water;
- radiant floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems;
- central heating stations;
- distribution of compressed air;
- laboratories, technical and industrial plants in general.

Case history

L'eccellenza del sistema Mixal impiegata per grandi opere in tutto il mondo.

Monza Motor Racing Circuit

mixal (2)
Monza (Italy)

European Community Palace

mixal (3)
Tirana (Albania)

Peles Castle

mixal (4)
Bucarest (Romania)

Purpan Hospital

mixal (1)
Tolosa (France)

Certified quality

The range has been certified by the strictest certification bodes.