Brass press fittings.
Pexal® Brass is a series of press fittings with a brass alloy body and stainless steel sleeve that are suitable for a multitude of applications, from hot and cold water supply systems to heating systems and industrial plants. They can be used both with the Pexal®, Mixal® and Thremoline® pipes.

Pexal® brass and its advantages

Easy and rapid installation.

The Pexal® Brass press fittings were designed to further simplify installation operations, significantly reducing mounting times.
By using a portable pressing machine equipped with a suitable insert, the pipe in shaped around the fitting insert.
The joint, even in the presence of temperature fluctuations, is perfectly watertight and cannot be loosened thanks to the stainless steel sleeve that covers the portion of pipe in contact with the insert.
The physical and chemical integrity of the coupling is guaranteed by a plastic ring that insulates the aluminium layer of the multilayer pipe from the brass alloy of the fitting body.


The Aperto press fittings, both in brass and in technopolymer, are termed “multipress” as they can be used with the various pressing profiles most widely used in the market.
This is an important advantage: the plumber can use the revolutionary Pexal® Brass and Bravopress® multipress fittings produced by Aperto, regardless of the type of tool they possess.

Pressing Profile H, U


Pressing Profile TH



Reliability, durability and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the range of Aperto tools used in the installation of the Pexal® and Mixal® systems; these products were designed to the suggestions of our most trusted plumbers and made with only top quality materials.
Pressing machines up to diameter 90 mm, socketing machines up to diameter 75 mm, pipe cutters, multi-diameters expanders, systems for manual and mechanical bending are just some of the tools that make up and complete the various product lines.

Certified quality

The range has been certified by the strictest certification bodes.