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To complement the waste product lines, Aperto supplies a wide range of innovative and patented solutions to suit all requirements and installation types.

Such as the shallow syphon T-58 with a height of just 58 mm making it the ideal solution in installations with a reduced depth and limited height, guaranteeing maximum drainage efficiency and thanks to the double hydraulic seal it provides the capacity of sealing off odours far greater than standard requirements. The Aperto range of traps and syphons also includes a range of grids and covers with an attractive and innovative design.

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T-58: The shallow trap for the most testing situations

The T-58 shallow trap produced by Aperto is the ideal solution in installations where the depth destined to installation of the system is limited, for example in renovation jobs.
When using the T-58 shallow trap there’s no need to create space in the floor slab to house the trap.
Trap height just 58 mm
Trap height just 58 mm, including the seal.
200% flow rate
Double flow as compared with traditional products, (in compliance with standard EN 274), the flow rate of 48 l/min allows use with high pressure shower heads.
High odour resistance
High odour resistance (700 Pa), well above that of standard requirements (400 Pa in compliance with EN 1253).
Double hydraulic seal.

Solution for shower trays

Compatible with all shower trays with hole diameter of 90 mm, guarantees high performance also when used with the most modern designer showers.

Solution with shower sheet

The T-58 shallow trap with shower sheet in PVC is the ideal solution for creating floor even showers,a guarantee of water tightness and seal. The T-58 shallow trap is the perfect technical solution for creating showers in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes and in all environments where the absence of architectural barriers is required to offer maximum accessibility to people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.