The evolution of push-fit soundproof waste systems.
The Triplus® pipes are in fact made up of three layers of material, which, when joined, result in a system with extremely good mechanical characteristics, even at low temperatures, and an excellent soundproofing performance. Triplus® is a push-fit system that includes triple layer pipes, fittings and accessories, industrialized, produced and patented by Aperto, that guarantees the levels of low noise emissions of waste systems required by the regulations, laws and standards in force.

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Characteristics of excellence
The intermediate layer is created with a patented polypropylene-based (PP) mix with mineral fillers (MF) such as to provide the Triplus® system with excellent mechanical characteristics at low (impact resistance at temperatures as low as -25°C) and high temperatures (continuous discharge with temperatures as high as 95°C).
The Triplus® waste system can transport waste waters with PH values between 2 and 12, it has a high resistance to the most common chemical compounds and is characterised by an extremely smooth internal surface that prevents the build-up of internal deposits inside the waste network.

Case history

HDPE is a flexible system that was installed all over the world.

"La Scala" Theatre

hdpe (1)
Milan (Italy)

International Airport

hdpe (2)
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Arzanah Medical Complex

hdpe (3)
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Musèe Des Confluences

hdpe (4)
Lyon (France)

Certified quality

The range is manufactured to European Standard EN 1519 and has been certified by the strictest certification bodes.
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