The revolution of silence
Technological innovation, attention to details and constant quality control, together with the desire to provide our clients with reliability and safety. These are the cornerstones that have always driven the design and production of Aperto cisterns over the years.
Tropea S represents an absolute novelty on the international scene, a state-of-the-art and innovative product: the first cistern in the world designed to reduce the noise generated during use.

The documentation

From the heart of our know-how in acoustic systems


The experience gained by Aperto in the Triplus®, Silere® and PP3 soundproof waste systems allowed us to reach levels of excellence also in our flush systems. To the numerous advantages of Tropea S we also added silence. Tropea S is in fact the first cistern in the world made of a soundproofing plastic material.
Inside the Aperto Research and Development laboratories a special plastic compound was designed using a formula (exclusive to Aperto) with the aim of reducing the noise emissions from the flush cistern. Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Tropea S is 5 times lower as compared to the most widely-used cisterns on the market.

Silence without compromise also in internal components

The internal components of Tropea S have been certified in the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute of Stuttgart, in compliance with ISO EN 3822 Class I.
Tropea S is the only in-wall cistern on the market with a float valve and a stop valve certified at the top of the category in terms of reduced noise emissions.
Not only high mechanical performance but also excellent acoustic performance.

The advantages of choosing Tropea S

A solution for all applications

Tropea S can be used in less common applications by using the optional components such as the remote pneumatic dual button for disability, friendly bathrooms, the tamper-proof push button for installations in stadiums and prisons, or push buttons to facilitate the visually impaired.
Easy to use push buttons
Easy to use push buttons were designed for disability friendly bathrooms. They were designed to make access to the buttons more practical thus ensuring water savings.
Tamper-proof push buttons
The tamper-proof push buttons make it easy to satisfy the installation requirements that are typical of public places, hotels, stadiums or prisons. They were designed to make access to the buttons more practical thus ensuring water savings.